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Escursione di medio livello a Forte Campone.

La partenza per i più allenati  è dalla fontana di Paradiso alle ore 8.30,mentre per i meno allenati l'appuntamento è a musolino alle ore 9.45.

Per maggiori dettagli potete consultare il sito su escursioni - medie - forte campone troverete tutti i dettaglia di altimetria,km, dislivello e così via.

Ricordate integratori,casco,kit riparazione e chiaramente controllate bene la bici prima di uscire.

Escursione in mountain bike percorso facile.

Il punto di ritrovo è da Don Minico alle ore 9.30

Per i più allenati ci vediamo alle 8.30 alla fontana di paradiso e saliamo dalla Via palermo a ritmo escursionistico.

Arrivati al famoso quadrivio ci immettiamo nel sentiero,il percorso lo possiamo fare svariate volte (4km di sterrato-2 km asfalto in salita) 

Per maggiori info e delucidazioni potete visitare la sezioni escursioni - facili - locanda

Per chi volesse pranzare abbiamo l'oppurtunita di degustare il mitico panino alla disgraziata da Don Minico


Villa Rodriquez is a magnificent abandoned villa in the heart of Peloritani mountains. From the second floor of the villa you can enjoy a unique lovely view. The villa was built by the famous shipowner of Messina Carlo Rodriguez, the inventor of the hydrofoil.

Getting to the villa is very simple: we leave our base towards South and we take the Viale Giostra, a paved gentle uphill road. At the second roundabout, we turn left and continue our ride towards San Rizzo hills, which reach a height of 465 m.

Once we get to the “Quattrostrade”, the famous crossroads, we continue our climb, always on paved road, until we get to Dinnamare. Once arrived in Musolino we start riding down for a few kilometers until we come across an open gate. We enter a bumpy road that will take us to the magnificent and legendary Villa Rodriguez. All the hickers and bikers that visit the villa hope that one day the villa will get back to its glory past.

The ride continues on a small dirt road that will lead us to Musolino and Don Minico from where we take the road towards Portella Castanea. After a few hundred meters we cross a wooden barrier to enter into a downhill road that will lead us to the historic church of Santa Maria della Valle, also known as “Badiazza”, a medieval monument that stands out among the architecture of Sicily as a rare example of church-fortress of Norman times.

After a few kilometers on a dirt patch, we reach the paved road that will take us to the starting point.




This trail is special as it comes from improvisation inherent in every biker to explore and experience new paths. The trail is medium-level difficulty due to an altitude gap of 800 meters and some steep slopes. The Bypass will offer the biker a unique and moving experience: from hard climbs surrounded by nature to technical singletrack descents.

From our base we leave in a southerly direction, we take the Viale Giostra and begin to climb a paved road. At the second roundabout, we turn left and continue riding towards San Rizzo hills. Once we get to the “Quattrostrade” crossroads, we take the paved way towards Dinnamare. We arrive in Musolino and start a dirt trail for about 500 meters.

Then we turn right and take a very easy route surrounded by chestnut trees that we will bring us to Puntal Ferraro. Puntal Ferraro used to be an old fort: it is possible to visit a small but interesting museum, equipped with photos, maps and documents concerning the batteries Umbertine and the characters of those times. In the same area, there is one of the main attractions of San Rizzo hills, the deer park.

We head towards Portella Castanea and start going down towards the junction of Annunziata. After a few kilometers, we find on the right a little bumpy road and we take it starting our climb in a dense vegetation of pine trees. The climb is very technical due to gullies, tree roots and rocky sections.

Once arrived at the summit, at about 550 Mt, there is a lovely view over the Strait of Messina. From here we begin our descent characterized by very scenic switchbacks that will lead us to the starting point.





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Easy trail suitable for bikers who want to experience the reactions of the bike in the dirt patch. The trail is about 6 km: 4km of ups and downs in the dirt road and 2 km uphill road.

Locanda is located in the village of Gesso, about 265 meters above sea level and16 km from the center of Messina, along a ridge of Peloritans Mountains. It offers a breath-taking view of Mount Etna, Stromboli Island and Capo Milazzo.

To get up to the S. Rizzo hills, we avail ourselves of the transfer service that saves us energy to enjoy the most of the proposed route.

From the crossroads called (four roads), we begin our descent on the dirt patch towards Locanda surrounded by beautiful forests, which provide pure air and distract the rider from the problems of everyday life ensuring a sense of physical and mental wellbeing. Quattrostrade is the most important pass of the S. Rizzo hills: from there you can proceed to the North side, towards mount Antennamare, 11OO feet tall, and towards Villafranca and the Tyrrhenian coast. The panorama from the crossroads on the Ionian side and on the Tyrrhenian is unique and ranges up to the Aeolian Islands and the entire Peloritani’s interior.

At the junction, we follow the signs riding to Locanda surrounded by pine and chestnut trees until we get to a paved road that will take us back to the starting point.

For gourmands, there is the opportunity to eat the famous "panino alla disgraziata" at Don Minico an authenitic experience for typical traditions and food lovers.

This particular route has been chosen by several sports associations for competitive cross-country races in the province of Messina



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