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    Comunichiamo alla gentile clientela che da oggi su tutto l'abbigliamento casual si effettuerà lo sconto…
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    Nuovi Arrivi Trek Anno 2018     Domane AL3 tg. 52 Anno 2018  disponibile in…

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A sport for all

Everyone can enjoy mountain biking. It is good for your hearth, your muscles, you can burn a lot of calories, improve your coordination,strengthen your immune system, reduce your stress and last but not
least you are in direct contact with nature.

Cycling helps improve the cardiovascular system and respiratorycapacity, it reduces blood pressure and the level of cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood. It generate a sense of well-being by boosting the morale.

Biking is also recommended for rehabilitation since the person's weight is supported by the saddle. Who suffers from joint disorder or overweight should consider this sport. It is possible to start with short ride or decide to go to work by bike.

There is a wide range of bikes on the market: MTB Sicily proposes to use mountain bikes as they prove more versatile and allow you to ride through different types of terrains and reach places that are off the beaten path.

Mountain biking is not just a sport: it is a way of living in harmony with nature.

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