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Sea and Mountains

Mtb Sicily offers you a trail to the discovery of Messina.

We walk for about 5 km along the North coast with the praised Strait of Messina on our right-end side. Once we get to the Sperone creek, it begins a long but gentle climb, mainly paved, that will bring us to the village of Faro Superiore, which has a long tradition of growing grapes.

From there, we pick a paved uphill road with a series of scenic switchbacks that will allow us to reach, after a few kilometers, the village of Curcuraci. The highly strategic position of Curcuraci made it a valid military district since ancient times, which was adequately exploited by all armies that over the centuries had come and gone in the area of Messina.

Surpassed Curcuraci, we deviate to the left into a small bumpy road that will take us through a former military barracks in Portella Castanea. We continue our journey to the famous crossroads "Quattrostrade", at an altitude of 465 meters, where we meet “Don Minico”, a small genuine restaurant that has become an "institution" for the people of Messina. The Quattrostrade is the most important pass of San Rizzo hills from where it is possible to take a variety of mountain bike excursions.

The trail continues with a steep climb towards Dinnamare: we then go left through the ABC path, a very suggestive 1 km-long single track bordered by chestnut trees, pines and holm oak. After a few hundred meters on dirt patch and paved road, we go down through the forest of Camaro, which is a fast but not very technical descent, and we reach a paved road that takes us to the starting point.






Additional Info

  • Difficult: Media
  • Kilometers: 39 Km
  • Slope: 834 Mt.
  • Ground: 65%asfalto - 35%sterrato
  • Price: € 30,00


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