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Prossime Uscite

Giovedi 9 luglio appuntamento ore 20.30 alla fontana di paradiso per escursione in mountain bike a forte Crispi . Partiamo dalla fontana di Paradiso alle 20.45 saliamo dal torrente papardo -curcuraci -tiro al volo - polveriera - bivio forte crispi -Panorama mozzafiato notturno - discesa da fare con estrema cautela " fino a Paradiso. Per lo "sgrano" confermerei il campanile fatemi sapere così prenoto

Escursione di medio livello a Forte Campone.

La partenza per i più allenati  è dalla fontana di Paradiso alle ore 8.30,mentre per i meno allenati l'appuntamento è a musolino alle ore 9.45.

Per maggiori dettagli potete consultare il sito su escursioni - medie - forte campone troverete tutti i dettaglia di altimetria,km, dislivello e così via.

Ricordate integratori,casco,kit riparazione e chiaramente controllate bene la bici prima di uscire.

Appuntamento ore 09.00 da Don Minico per escursione facile a villa rodriquez,per i più allenati ci vediamo alla fontana di Paradiso alle ore 08.00.

Potete consulare sul sito i dati tecnici sul percorso al seguente link: http://mtbsicily.com/it/sample-sites/parks/escursioni2/escursioni-medie/item/42-villa-rodriquez



Appuntamento ore 9.00 al santuario di Dinnamare per escursione sulla dorsale fino alla Casa degli Alpini.

Percorso di circa 30 km difficoltà media

Mtb Sicily offers you a trail to the discovery of Messina.

We walk for about 5 km along the North coast with the praised Strait of Messina on our right-end side. Once we get to the Sperone creek, it begins a long but gentle climb, mainly paved, that will bring us to the village of Faro Superiore, which has a long tradition of growing grapes.

From there, we pick a paved uphill road with a series of scenic switchbacks that will allow us to reach, after a few kilometers, the village of Curcuraci. The highly strategic position of Curcuraci made it a valid military district since ancient times, which was adequately exploited by all armies that over the centuries had come and gone in the area of Messina.

Surpassed Curcuraci, we deviate to the left into a small bumpy road that will take us through a former military barracks in Portella Castanea. We continue our journey to the famous crossroads "Quattrostrade", at an altitude of 465 meters, where we meet “Don Minico”, a small genuine restaurant that has become an "institution" for the people of Messina. The Quattrostrade is the most important pass of San Rizzo hills from where it is possible to take a variety of mountain bike excursions.

The trail continues with a steep climb towards Dinnamare: we then go left through the ABC path, a very suggestive 1 km-long single track bordered by chestnut trees, pines and holm oak. After a few hundred meters on dirt patch and paved road, we go down through the forest of Camaro, which is a fast but not very technical descent, and we reach a paved road that takes us to the starting point.






This trail is special as it comes from improvisation inherent in every biker to explore and experience new paths. The trail is medium-level difficulty due to an altitude gap of 800 meters and some steep slopes. The Bypass will offer the biker a unique and moving experience: from hard climbs surrounded by nature to technical singletrack descents.

From our base we leave in a southerly direction, we take the Viale Giostra and begin to climb a paved road. At the second roundabout, we turn left and continue riding towards San Rizzo hills. Once we get to the “Quattrostrade” crossroads, we take the paved way towards Dinnamare. We arrive in Musolino and start a dirt trail for about 500 meters.

Then we turn right and take a very easy route surrounded by chestnut trees that we will bring us to Puntal Ferraro. Puntal Ferraro used to be an old fort: it is possible to visit a small but interesting museum, equipped with photos, maps and documents concerning the batteries Umbertine and the characters of those times. In the same area, there is one of the main attractions of San Rizzo hills, the deer park.

We head towards Portella Castanea and start going down towards the junction of Annunziata. After a few kilometers, we find on the right a little bumpy road and we take it starting our climb in a dense vegetation of pine trees. The climb is very technical due to gullies, tree roots and rocky sections.

Once arrived at the summit, at about 550 Mt, there is a lovely view over the Strait of Messina. From here we begin our descent characterized by very scenic switchbacks that will lead us to the starting point.




Great trail with amazing views just a few steps away from Messina.

We start from the fountain of Paradiso, popular meeting point of bikers, and head towards the South. At the first roundabout, we turn right and begin to go up the Annunziata torrent. Cycling up the torrent is pleasant and after a few kilometers we live the city traffic behind and start a series of scenic switchbacks which offer a fantastic view of the entire city of Messina and its Strait.

We take a small dirt patch on the right and after about 800 meters we arrive at the not yet famous fort Crispi, just a few steps from Portella Arena. The fort, which was built in 1890, had played a strategic role during the air-naval battle in Messina in 1941 -1943. Today it presents serious damages caused by bomb explosions.

At the most extreme part of the fortification it seems to be in paradise: an expanse of greenery marks a clear line that cuts across the Strait from Scylla to Capo Peloro. This is one of the most evocative views of the whole Messina, a breathtaking place without boundaries.

After taking some pictures, we take the path in the opposite direction and go up until we turn right into a small bumpy road. We arrive at the hilltop village of Massa San Nicola where we take a little downhill road that will bring us to the well-known gravel downhill  named Torrente Corsari.

After a few kilometers downhill, we pass by the seaside village of Acqualadroni: from here we take the SS 113 towards the south and, after about 15 km, we arrive at the starting point.


Sicily: Messina:

The north-east coast of Sicily is the ideal habitat for outdoor sports, including mountain biking that has become very popular over the last few years.

Messina and its province offer exciting itineraries, from steep climbs through the Peloritani Mountains to thrilling descents towards wonderful beaches. You can ride through the famous Ridge Peloritani,Mount Scuderi, Posto Leoni, Mount Etna and many other beautiful places far away from the smog and bustle of the city.

This is true a paradise for bikers, with many routes to be chosen from.
Mtb Sicily: you will enjoy unforgettable places in the company of friendly and professional guides.

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