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This is a classic trail for the community of Messina’s bikers. The 30 km route is relatively flat, with 10 km of dirt uphill road and 10 km downhill. It starts from the village of Paradiso, on the Northern coast of Messina, passing  by the seaside villages of Contemplazione, Pace, Sant’Agata and Ganzirri.

We also pass by Torre Faro, which is located on the extreme Eastern tip of Sicily, on the shore of the Strait of Messina where the Tyrrhenian and the Ionian Sea meet creating the characteristic vortices generated by marine currents. This natural whirlpool in the Northern portion of the strait has been linked to the Greek legend of Scylla and Charybdis. The area between Ganzirri and Punta Faro is today protected by reason of outstanding natural beauty.

Our ride continues along the Northern coast until we arrive at Villafranca Tirrena, from here we turn left and take the Gallo torrent. The route features an easy climb and after a few hundred meters we can see the railway bridge of the same name, which is now into disuse. We then encounter a more challenging uphill road through a forest full of chestnut, pine and oak that we will bring us to the famous crossroads “Quattrostrade”. For gourmands, there is the opportunity to eat the famous “panino alla disgraziata” at Don Minico, an authentic experience for typical traditions and food lovers.

After the regenerative break, we begin the descent that will take us to the starting point.


Additional Info

  • Difficult:Media
  • Kilometers:49 Km
  • Slope:570 Mt.
  • Ground:75%asfalto – 25%sterrato
  • Price:€ 30,00


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