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Great trail with amazing views just a few steps away from Messina.

We start from the fountain of Paradiso, popular meeting point of bikers, and head towards the South. At the first roundabout, we turn right and begin to go up the Annunziata torrent. Cycling up the torrent is pleasant and after a few kilometers we live the city traffic behind and start a series of scenic switchbacks which offer a fantastic view of the entire city of Messina and its Strait.

We take a small dirt patch on the right and after about 800 meters we arrive at the not yet famous fort Crispi, just a few steps from Portella Arena. The fort, which was built in 1890, had played a strategic role during the air-naval battle in Messina in 1941 -1943. Today it presents serious damages caused by bomb explosions.

At the most extreme part of the fortification it seems to be in paradise: an expanse of greenery marks a clear line that cuts across the Strait from Scylla to Capo Peloro. This is one of the most evocative views of the whole Messina, a breathtaking place without boundaries.

After taking some pictures, we take the path in the opposite direction and go up until we turn right into a small bumpy road. We arrive at the hilltop village of Massa San Nicola where we take a little downhill road that will bring us to the well-known gravel downhill  named Torrente Corsari.

After a few kilometers downhill, we pass by the seaside village of Acqualadroni: from here we take the SS 113 towards the south and, after about 15 km, we arrive at the starting point.


Additional Info

  • Difficult:Media
  • Kilometers:37
  • Slope:649
  • Ground:50%Asfalto-50%Sterrato
  • Price:€ 30,00


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